Timeless Color

We believe that a vibrant, true to life color delivers photography that will feel authentic and be appreciated for generations without feeling outdated in the future. 

How we approach wedding photography

Vibrant, vivid colors, a calm, relaxing attitude, and a dedication to photographic excellence through hard work.  

Your Story

Key to our process, is taking the time to learn about you. Who are you? What do you love? Are you a serious, romantic couple, or are you sarcastic and playful together? What important people can we expect to be joining you? Ensuring we take time through phone / video calls and meetings to hang out a bit, and ensure we never arrive on wedding day feeling like strangers. 

We aim is to provide top-quality photography effortlessly and efficiently.

We offer clear, fair pricing without large markups, ensuring our options are straightforward and reasonable.

Will I receive every photo you take during the session?

Our goal is to deliver only the best images, so not every shot taken will make it to the final selection. We carefully curate the collection to exclude duplicates, accidental misfires, unfocused or poorly exposed shots, and unflattering moments. For example, in striving for the perfect image, we might take several versions to ensure sharp focus, especially in low aperture scenarios typical of our style. Similarly, while candid shots are often the most touching, they can sometimes capture awkward expressions, so we take a few to guarantee that only the most flattering, emotive moments are chosen. Our rigorous selection process means we spend hours fine-tuning the collection to deliver a succinct, stunning portfolio of your special day.

Do you EVER pose couples? Will you give us direction?

Yes! But only during specified time for portraits, and only when needed, or if requested. My experience allows me to only need around 15 minutes on average on wedding day to capture a beautiful portraits, and during this time I will help provide direction as needed, to ensure you feel comfortable. 

Are you familiar with my event venue in Austin?

Having worked at numerous locations, we’ve likely captured events at your venue. If it is a new location for us, we’ll arrive early to perform a thorough walk-through. This ensures we scout out the most picturesque spots and understand the lighting and layout, all essential for flawless photos. Austin’s vibrant and diverse venues are something we’re continually exploring, and we’re excited to discover and adapt to new spaces!

Do you cover destination weddings, and are there additional costs involved?

We love traveling and are happy to accompany you to destinations worldwide to capture your special day. Our destination wedding photography packages are comprehensive, including travel and reasonable accommodations. Specific details and rates vary, so please get in touch with us to discuss the particulars of your destination wedding needs.

Do you provide other types of photography services?

Yes, our expertise extends beyond weddings. We offer various services including headshots, individual and family portraits, newborn sessions, commercial photography, and more. Let us know what you’re looking for!

Do you cover other types of events?

Absolutely. Our event photography services include Quinceañeras, Debutante Balls, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, and more. We’re skilled at capturing the essence and excitement of any celebration.

What if our ceremony is in a language you don’t understand?

Language is no barrier to capturing beautiful moments. Greg is fluent in Spanish, and even if we’re unfamiliar with the specific language of your ceremony, we thoroughly prepare by understanding the cultural traditions and necessary moments to capture. We ensure communication with you to identify and anticipate these crucial moments, ensuring a beautiful, cohesive story is told through your images.

Can we view a complete event coverage?

Yes, we believe in transparency and ensuring our clients feel confident in our consistent quality. To view a complete event from start to finish, please contact us and we will happily share several full client galleries with you. 

How do you handle low-light situations, like at my indoor venue?

We are well-versed in navigating low-light scenarios and have a suite of equipment to tackle these challenges, ensuring crisp, clear images regardless of lighting conditions. Our team is adept at setting up additional lighting as needed, and we always come prepared with cameras and lenses suited for low-light situations.

What if we need to extend our time on the wedding day?

We understand that only some things go according to plan. We don’t pack up right when the contracted time ends; instead, we check in to see if you’d like us to continue capturing moments. Additional time is charged at a specified rate, ensuring we can easily accommodate any unexpected changes.

What are my rights concerning the digital prints?

You are free to reprint images whenever you wish. However, for commercial use or publication, you’ll need written consent from us. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive package that includes all your photographic needs.

How do we ensure our images are safe?

Your images are precious, and we treat them with the utmost care. Our backup process involves multiple redundancies during and after the event, ensuring that your photos are safe from unforeseen circumstances.



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