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Superchill Weddings was founded by Greg Hastain, a lifelong artist, painter, and creative. 

We are a team.

Behind Superchill Weddings is a team driven by a shared love for real moments. Get to know the photographers who will be capturing your story, each with their own unique eye for the authentic and a commitment to creating stunning visual memories. If Greg isn’t available, we have a stable of incredibly talented associate photographers that have trained with us for years, and share our special approach towards wedding photography. All photos receive the same editing process and client experience. 

Drew M.

Portland, Oregon

I don’t normally write reviews. This is because either my opinion ends up being expressed by someone else who wrote a review already, or I don’t have an opinion strongly enough to care to write it down. Point being, I would be hard pressed to voice any criticism, I cannot say enough good things about Greg, and I believe it strongly enough to say so for anyone looking for a professional photographer.

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